F&B Business Design

F&B business design covers all the design phases from the conceptual phase to the construction phase. A team of professional architects and engineers will be following up all the design phases in details to produce the most innovative and suitable designs through several presentation methods whether it’s 2D plan layout drawings, sections, diagrams, and 3D rendering interior shots.
Design & Concept

The Kitchen – Where Taste and Skills Meet
Chef Lebanon’s team design commercial kitchens provide a more productive environment, as well as contributing to back-of-house profitability. We understand how to design a practical F&B business kitchen that not only looks sensational but is practical for day-to-day operations, and at the same time minimizes the set-up and construction costs. Our kitchen designs are innovative and efficient.

Whether you want to embellish the current visual theme of your F&B business, develop an entirely new F&B business design theme, or create a unique dining experience, our F&B business design consultants will work closely with you to capture the desired F&B business atmosphere within your budget.

If you are developing a new concept, let us work with your team to create an unforgettable ambience within your budget. 
F&B Business Design Services

•    F&B business Space Planning
•    F&B business Design Theme 
•    Color Board Design
•    3D Interior renderings
•    Complete Exterior F&B business Façade, F&B business Design or Upgrade Existing F&B business
•    Exterior F&B business Design 
•    Interior F&B business Marketing Display
•    Graphic F&B business Design
•    Uniform Design
•    Table Top Design
•    F&B business Kitchen Design
•    FF & E – Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment Specifications and Procurement
•    Complete Coordination of Architectural and Construction Design Drawings
Areas of Specialty

•    Casual Dining Concepts
•     F&B business Interior Design
•     Retail Store Interior Design
•     Hospitality Interior Design
•     Nightclub and Lounge Design
•     High End Residential Interior Design
•     Fast Food Snacks 

Areas of Service

•      Space Planning / Square Footage Optimization
•      Merchandise layout
•      (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) MEP Layout
•      Theme & Concept Development
•      Marketing & Branding Development
•      Professional Project Management
•      Construction Drawings
•      Custom Furnishings
•      Budget Development
Our interior designers have an understanding of the specific needs of a client, helping them develop concepts that transform their spaces into an environment that has a unified look and unique theme. Working together to create a total environment that is inviting to clientele and employees.
Our services can be structured to fit your particular needs. Chef Lebanon’s team is ready to establish with you any design services based on the client’s need whether it’s for the whole project or for one service only.