Start-up Plan

Food & Beverage is an attractive business, as it seems rather easy for many people; Nevertheless, opening of a new business requires great efforts and deep knowledge. With determination and great enthusiasm, you should write your business plan after choosing the type of F&B you want to run and the location where you are going to setup the business.


If you are thinking of how to start an F&B business, then there are many areas to explore. When considering how to start, keep in mind that it requires careful thought in many areas and the food itself might not be the most important aspect. Areas to consider when analyzing how to open an F&B business will range from concept appraisal, facility design, Location, and marketing among many other aspects.


How to get started is not the hardest question, but how to start it right, speed up profitability, and stay open for business is the tough part. The process of how to start an F&B business successfully is half the challenge, staying successful is the other half. Let us at Chef Lebanon guide you successfully.


When Chef Lebanon Consultants starts guiding you to start an F&B business, a collaboration of different ideas, disciplines, culinary knowledge, management expertise, and a passion for operational excellence is required. Starting a business without considering these factors and the interactions between them is a plan to fail. Having Chef Lebanon as your guide for how to start your F&B business will help you to avoid the many pitfalls when developing a growing business. Chef Lebanon Consultants will guide you on how to start and the best way possible to maximize your profits


Starting an F&B business can be difficult, yet a highly profitable business if conceived and managed correctly and professionally. Chef Lebanon’s proven expertise on how to start will help guide you through a flawless strategy of creativity, best practices, and optimal cost efficiency to ensure your success. The Chef Lebanon consultants are committed to your success, always by your side, and only a phone call away.


Chef Lebanon Consultants Gives You A Head Start

Knowing how to get started in the F&B business the right way from the beginning will save much of your precious time and money. The knowledge required and the know-how to start can be overwhelming and poor decisions may be catastrophic. The investment of hiring a consultant to guide you from the start is relatively small to keep startup costs low and achieve profitability quickly.


Chef Lebanon Consultants specializes in  F&B startup projects and chains. With over two decades of consulting experience, Chef Lebanon Consultants is your best guide when in need of help you jump start.