French Chef Chocolatier

Country: Lebanon
Company: Chef Lebanon Consultants
Category: Chefs - Pastry
Phone: 0096176964315
Deadline: 2023/08/31


• Create exquisite chocolate creations, demonstrating expertise in chocolate-making techniques.
• Develop and refine chocolate recipes, experimenting with flavors and textures.
• Source high-quality ingredients for chocolate production.
• Maintain quality control measures throughout the chocolate-making process.
• Design and decorate chocolates with artistic flair and attention to detail.
• Manage inventory levels of chocolate ingredients and finished products.
• Collaborate with culinary team members to incorporate chocolates into menus.
• Train and mentor junior staff members in chocolate production techniques.
• Adhere to health and safety standards to maintain a clean and safe work environment.


• Extensive experience in chocolate-making and confectionery techniques.
• Creativity in creating visually appealing and innovative chocolate creations.
• In-depth knowledge of chocolate types, flavor profiles, and ingredient combinations.
• Strong organizational and time management skills.
• Commitment to maintaining high-quality standards and attention to detail.
• Ability to work well in a team and handle a fast-paced environment.
• Flexibility to work varied hours as per production requirements.
• Understanding of food safety regulations and practices.
• Culinary qualifications or relevant certifications preferred.